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Model Set: स्थानिय तह (सहायक चाैथाे) सेट १

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Subject: खरिदार >> प्रथम पत्र [लोक सेवा आयोग]
Author: Chiran Koirala
No. of Questions: 50
Full Marks: 100
Time in Minutes: 45 minutes
Negative Marking: 0.4
Published On: 2019-06-18

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About Author

Chiran Koirala

Lok Sewa Book Writer

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kajal DC

on 16 Nov, 2019

Maile ncell bata payment gare Tara dekhakoo xaina kinaa


on 03 Jul, 2019

Ncell bata payment gareko payment vayo Tara set kholena

Prabhakar Paswan

on 02 Jul, 2019

set khulira xain ;;" k bhakp ho???

Saroj Aryal

on 30 Jun, 2019

1 week ko lagi vanera 25 tire ko but 1ta set vanda khuldaina baki lai feri paisa tirnu par6a re .. yo ta sojai ............. vayo ni

Prerana Tamang

on 23 Jun, 2019

esewa id भनेको ठाँउमा कहाँको id halne ni

Ramesh chhetri

on 23 Jun, 2019

मैले किनि सके तर पनि आउदैन किन ?

laxmi mahara

on 21 Jun, 2019

ekchoti model set kine paxi dusro choti herna paidain

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